Customizable Packaged Sesame Salt Produced from Rich Sesame Land

Shermark provides the customizable packaged sesame salt produced from rich sesame land.It tastes salty,people could eat it with many dishes.We are a manufacturer in China,if you want to buy the sesame salt ,please contact us.

Product Details

1.Introduction of the customizable packaged sesame salt

Sesame salt is made from sesame and salt seasoning food, originated in northern Anhui, Henan southeast area. Eat bread often with this food as a dish, the bread apart, sprinkle the amount of sesame salt, close the bread to eat.

In the old customs of Hebei, the owner of the new children have to prepare sesame salt, the gift to come to congratulate the guests. Due to high salt content, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients should eat less.

2.Parameter of the rich sesame land produce sesame salt


Content per hectare











Sesame contains fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and so on. Sesame contains fat, most of the unsaturated fatty acids, the elderly is particularly important, the ancient people on the taking of sesame seeds can be removed in addition to all the chronic illnesses, rejuvenation, longevity, it seems there is a certain truth. Sesame anti-aging effect, but also because it is rich in vitamin E this important value of the nutrients. Vitamin E mechanism of action is antioxidant, it can prevent the body to produce lipid peroxidation, so as to maintain the unsaturated fatty acids are more concentrated in the integrity of the cell membrane and normal function, and to prevent other components of the body by lipid peroxidation The In addition, vitamin E can also reduce the accumulation of lipofuscin in vivo. These can play the role of anti-aging.

3.Sesame salt production process


Screening of raw sesame seeds with sieve for 40 mesh shaker, removal of particulate foreign matter and other impurities in sesame seeds.


Will sieve the sesame seeds in the big wok in the cleaning, remove the sesame seeds attached to the dust and dry small pieces of sesame seeds, with the fence cut into the baskets, the water control dry.


Will be washed well control dry sesame seeds into the frying oven to stir fry, frying temperature of 150 ℃, time is 50min.Put the fried sesame seeds from the fried stove out, remove the shovel when raised, remove the soda in the process of sesame mixed dust.

(4)cool down

After drying the sesame seeds into a special cooling pool for cooling, cooling to 25 ℃.

(5)Grind powdery salt

Cool the sesame seeds into the universal crusher to crush, crushed sesame seeds according to the situation by adding the right amount of salt.

4.Why we choose rich sesame land produce sesame salt?

There are more types of weeds in the sesame field and are different depending on the planting area.The main weeds in the chrysanthemum area are Ma Tang, tendon grass, foiella, wild oats, purslane, quinoa, Amaranthus retroflexus, Tianhuahua, Polygonum velutipes, Jing Jing, etc. Ma Tang, barnyard grass, daughter of gold, tendon grass, Tian Xuanhua, thorns and other vegetables.

We regularly remove weeds from sesame fields.Sesame seed grain is small, seedling growth is slow, sowing after the high temperature and rainy season, weed germination and growth quickly, its survival and competitiveness than sesame, if not timely control weeds, in the event of continuous rainy weather, The phenomenon of sesame seeds, which requires the control of sesame field weed to large and timely. On the other hand, sesame seeds in the seedling stage is shallow, the ability to absorb water and fertilizer is very weak, the ability of drug degradation is also very weak, such as the use of herbicide overdose, will cause irreparable damage, it is difficult to appear as corn or wheat as self recovery phenomenon, which requires the use of sesame field herbicide must be more accurate and accurate.


Q:Can you help me make my own brand product?

A:Sure.OEM brand can be accepted when your requirement reach to an appointed amount.More over ,free sample can be evaluate!


Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,We are a professional manufacturer in providing high quality sesame foods.


Q:Can I visit your factory ?

A:We warmly welcome customers to visit us.Before you come here ,please advise your schedule,we can arrange attentive service for you .

6.Packaging of the sesame salt with customizable packaged

We will be in accordance with customer requirements to provide sesame salt packaging.In general, we will provide filling or bagging. Bag sesame salt we can according to customer needs for different grams of packaging.Sesame salt packaged in order is our special service.

7.Qualification of the sesame salt produced from rich sesame land

We are expecting to become your long-term partner .


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