White Sesame Seed Paste From China

White Sesame Seed Paste From China

Aroma rich nutrition rich sesame food manufacturers Shermark will provide you the good choice sesameseed paste.

Product Details

    Shermark will give you different sesame paste cognitions.The white sesame sauce we produce is definitely not sesame oil waste.The heat used in making sesame seed paste is far less than the heat of making sesame oil. After grinding and grinding, it is packed directly without extracting a drop of sesame oil. Therefore, the sesame seed paste  we produced retains the original nutrition of sesame seeds.

productsesame seed paste/sesame paste/sesame sauce
specification5kg/10kg/20kg/any other order
Shelf life15 months
OriginBinzhou ,Shandong province,China
DescriptionFor the health of you and your family, Shermark factory produces sesame paste without any other ingredients and is made from 100% pure sesame seeds. At the same time we will not add any chemicals in the production process to prevent the food cake clotting.Therefore, in the process of storing sesame paste, there may be condensation and precipitation of oil phenomenon, this phenomenon are normal, do not delay consumption.You can choose to quickly stir the sesame paste with a clean dry spoon or chopsticks, once opened, eat as soon as possible.


sesame paste.jpg

Direct filling more nutrition and health

sesame paste2.jpg

Barreled for easy transport


   Natural planting, with a fixed number. If demand, you can contact us to leave your needs information, we will contact you to ensure that your supply.

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