White Sesame Jam with High Purity Paste Filling Recipe for Cooking

Shermark supply the white sesame jam with high purity paste filling recipe for cooking.White sesame jam is good for people’s health,eat it every day will enhance immunity.If you want to know more about us ,please send a inquiry to us and we will reply you immediately.

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1.Introduction of the white sesame jam

All kinds of condiments, only sesame oil with salt salty, the case of sugar sweet, single eat very fragrant ability. Sesame and food with, not only enriched the flavor of food, but also improve the nutritional value of the diet.

As the sesame oil heat, fat content is high, so should not eat. Occasionally used to make condiments on the very good, the most common is to use it as hot pot rinse material, so that the taste of shabu-shabu incomparable. There are sesame noodles, in Beijing, not a few do not eat sesame chili noodles. In addition, the sesame paste on the bread or bread, matched with milk or soy milk, but also can be a simple and nutritious breakfast.

2.Parameter of the white sesame paste filling recipe

Quality inspection project

Item indicator value








595 kcal


2239 mg









Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Vitamin E




Dietary fiber


Vitamin A1














3.The details of the material

Year old stand upright. Height 60-150 cm, branched or unbranched, hollow or having white pulp, slightly hairy.Leaves rounded or ovate, 3-10 cm long, 2.5-4 cm wide, lower leaves often palmate 3-lobed, caudate lobes absent, upper margin nearly entire; petiole 1-5 cm.Sesame seeds contain 55% of oil, in addition to food, but also oil, oil for food and women with hair, but also for medicine, with ointment base agent, sticky slip agent, antidote. Seeds are black and white two kinds of points, black, said black fat Ma, white called white fat Ma; black fat Ma fat containing the ease of nourishing strong supplements, nourishing nutrition, for the treatment of high blood pressure effect.

4.Production Process of the sesame paste recipe for cooking

(1) wash sesame seeds

With water to remove sesame seeds mixed with sesame mud, tiny impurities, dust. Soaked sesame seeds for 1-2 hours, soaked sesame water content of 25% - 30%, the sesame drain. If you do not drain into the pot fry, it’s very easy to peeling. Soak is conducive to cell rupture, sesame seeds through the rinse soak water penetration into the integrity of the internal cells, making the gel body up, and then heated stir fry which can make the cells rupture, crude oil outflow.

(2) wok

Initially fry with a fire, then sesame water content will not change scorched. Fried to 20 minutes when the sesame bulb, switch to slow fire, mechanical stir, so that sesame uniform heat. Fried after adding 3% of the amount of sesame cold water, and then fry a minute after the pan. Fried sesame hand twist that is the oil which is brown, teeth bite sesame seeds are crisp and uniform, familiar with the feeling of raw and cooked. The production of sesame oil frying when the furnace to be bigger, we stir fry to master first-class, each kg of oil 45 pounds, black sesame oil out of 25 - 30 pounds range. Good frying frying made sesame oil mellow mellow, no huh.

(3) smoke to miscellaneous

Sesame sesame need to cool down the heat immediately, cooling 7 - 8 minutes, vibration sieve to smoke, charcoal and broken skin. Jiao Mo and broken skin in the latter part of the process will affect the separation of oil and slag, reducing the oil rate. If the pan does not smoke after the heat, may produce burnt smell, affecting the smell and color of sesame oil.

(4) stone mill sauce

We will be help fried crisp baked sesame seeds with stone grinding into sesame paste, sesame paste texture and delicate. We can do the best degree of sesame oil coated in the hands after the blown away no residue, grinding sauce when the automatic feeding material to ensure uniform packing. Stone speed in 30 minutes per minute, the temperature maintained at 65 - 75 degrees Celsius, grinding a few batches of sesame seeds, we will ask the artificial master hand polished stone to find the finest stone art, grinding the most delicate and non-stick stone.

(5) storage package

Packaging bottles into the packaging before the disinfection, canned food strictly control the net content

5.Why eat white sesame paste recipe?

Chinese sesame seeds in China during the cultivation and consumption in some parts of our country.

With the improvement of people's living standards and people's understanding of their nutritional value, sesame seeds and their products more and more people's favor, planting range and area gradually expanded, sesame varieties are more and more optimized. China's main producing countries are China, India, Myanmar, Sudan, followed by Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and other countries; China's sesame production ranks first in the world Times higher than India, while the yield is higher than India, China's sesame acreage accounted for 15% of the world's acreage, accounting for 23% of the world's total output, is the world's largest exporter of sesame seeds, accounting for the international market volume of 1 / China's main sesame producing areas for Henan, Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, northeast, Shandong and other regions.


Q:Can I visit your manufacturer?

A:Yes,of course.Please tell me your schedule and we will serve you in a better way.


Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are a professional sesame food manufacturer.And we will provide sesame food in factory pricce.


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A:Yes.We can produce according to your products details as your request.



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