Hot Black Sesame Drink with Milk Grows Health

We provide the hot black sesame drink with milk grows health,this sesame drink benefits a lot.If people drink the sesame drink with a fixed term,people will feel the skin becomes smooth and flexible.We are a manufacturer ,if you are interested in the black sesame seed drink ,please send a inquiry an d we will provide a factory price list for you .

Product Details

1.Introduction of the hot black sesame drink

Black sesame drink grows health.People often take a bath to pay attention to health, but in the skin off the dirt at the same time, will wash away the surface of the human body fat. Due to off the grease and make the skin look more dry people, can eat sesame seeds, make the skin look more bright. Sesame in the vitamin E, skin care in the role of skin can not be ignored. It can promote the body's use of vitamin A, vitamin C can play a synergistic role in protecting the skin's health, reduce skin infection; collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin "moisturizing" role, thereby improving and maintaining the skin's elasticity ; Can promote blood circulation within the skin, so that the skin is fully nutrient and moisture to maintain the skin's soft and shiny.

2.Parameter of the hot black sesame milk drink

Product name

Black sesame powder

Moisture content







Top grade

Shelf life

18 months


As customer’s requirement


100% pure

Place origin


3.Black sesame powder production process


Screening of raw sesame seeds with sieve for 40 mesh shaker, removal of particulate foreign matter and other impurities in sesame seeds.


Will sieve the sesame seeds in the big wok in the cleaning, remove the sesame seeds attached to the dust and dry small pieces of sesame seeds, with the fence cut into the baskets, the water control dry.


Will be washed well control dry sesame seeds into the frying oven to stir fry, frying temperature of 150 ℃, time is 50min.

(4)Remove the smoke

Stove out fried sesame seeds from the fried , remove the shovel when raised, remove the soda in the process of sesame mixed dust.

(5)cool down

After drying the sesame seeds into a special cooling pool for cooling, cooling to 25 ℃

(6)Milled, pink

Cool the sesame seeds into the universal crusher for crushing


Packaging bottles into the packaging before the disinfection, canned food strictly control the net content

4.Qualification of the sesame powder.

5.How to eat the black sesame milky drink?

First ,Remove 5-6 spoons of black sesame powder from the jar.

Prepare a bowl with a capacity of 300ml.Put the black sesame powder in the bowl.

Add 50 ml of boiling water to the bowl,then add 50ml milk in the bowl too.

Stir with a spoon,then you will get the healthy hot sesame drink.

If you like ,you can also put some sesame seeds and walnut on the drink.


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