High Purity Nutrition Breakfast Instant White Sesame Powder

Shermar provides the high purity nutrition breakfast instant white sesame powder for many years.This sesame powder is good for healthy,we suggest people eat it as breakfast everyday.If you want to be healthy and strong,you can try it.Contact us and we will provide the best price.

Product Details

1.Introduction of the white purity breakfast sesame powder

We make the white purity breakfast sesame powder with high quality white sesame seeds.White sesame seeds are the seeds of flaxseed. White sesame seeds with high oil content, color white, full grain, thin skin, good taste, after taste and other excellent quality. White sesame seeds and their products are rich in nutrition and anti-aging.

2.Parameter of the high purity white sesame powder

(1)White sesame seeds contain a lot of fat 25% ~ 50% and protein 8% ~ 20%, and sugar 3% ~ 10%, vitamin a, vitamin e, lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients; The linoleic acid in sesame has the effect of regulating cholesterol.

(2)White sesame seeds are rich in vitamin e, can prevent the lipid peroxidation of the skin harm, offset or neutralize the accumulation of harmful substances within the cell free radicals, can make the skin white and moist, and to prevent a variety of skin inflammation.

(3)White sesame seeds also have the effect of nourishing, you can treat the skin dry, rough, so that the skin delicate and smooth, red luster.

3.Product feature and application of the instant white sesame powder

Sesame tastes sweet, nature, into the liver, kidney, lung, spleen.

There are blood eyesight, Qufeng Runchang, Sheng Jin Tong milk, beneficial liver hair, strong body, anti-aging effect.

White sesame seeds can be used to treat physical weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, cough, weak body, early white hair, anemia, chlorosis, lack of body fluid, dry stool, milk less, hematuria embolism.

The general population can be eaten.

In order to meet the modern fast-paced life, people usually eat white sesame powder instead of direct consumption of white sesame.

4.Product qualification of the white sesame powder for breakfast

We are the most popular manufacturer in Binzhou.

5.Why people choose nutrition white sesame powder as breakfast ?

Breakfast is an important day to start.Our stomach was empty for the night, the morning to wake up the stomach and add the best period of nutrition.White sesame seeds contain a lot of fat 25% to 50% and protein 8% to 20%, and sugar 3% to 10%, vitamin a, vitamin e, lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients, just for a day The beginning to add nutrients.

6.Latest news

In ancient China, sesame has always been regarded as longevity food, the Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo also believes that sesame can be strong body, anti-aging, nine steamed flax, with the skin Poria, less into the white honey for pasta, Sick from the go, this is longevity tips.


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