High Purity Nutrition Breakfast Instant Black Sesame Powder in Jar

We provide high purity nutrition breakfast instant black sesame powder in jar.This is a good choice for people in modern life.You just need two minutes to cook your breakfast.We are hoping to become your long-term partner in China.Send a message to us and we will reply you within 24 hours.

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1.Introduction of the black sesame powder in jar

Black sesame paste more effective than the milk, eat more skin will be slippery, less wrinkles, but also make the skin rosy white. But also can cure constipation.Using dieting to lose weight, because of its nutrient intake is not enough, the skin will become dry and rough. And sesame seeds contain substances to prevent the body fat yolk, choline, muscle sugar, so the sesame eat more will not get fat. In the dieting to lose weight at the same time, if with the consumption of sesame seeds, rough skin can be improved.


2.Parameter of the instant black sesame powder


Content(every 100g)











3.Black sesame powder production process


Screening of raw sesame seeds with sieve for 40 mesh shaker, removal of particulate foreign matter and other impurities in sesame seeds.


Will sieve the sesame seeds in the big wok in the cleaning, remove the sesame seeds attached to the dust and dry small pieces of sesame seeds, with the fence cut into the baskets, the water control dry.


Will be washed well control dry sesame seeds into the frying oven to stir fry, frying temperature of 150 ℃, time is 50min.

(4)Remove the smoke

Stove out fried sesame seeds from the fried , remove the shovel when raised, remove the soda in the process of sesame mixed dust.

(5)cool down

After drying the sesame seeds into a special cooling pool for cooling, cooling to 25 ℃

(6)Milled, pink

Cool the sesame seeds into the universal crusher for crushing


Packaging bottles into the packaging before the disinfection, canned food strictly control the net content

4.Why we cook the high purity black sesame powder for breakfast?

In morning we drink black sesame paste, because of the stomach is relatively empty, so it’s more conducive to the absorption of nutrition. The following is the benefits of making and sesame paste:

(1)Calcium supplementation

There are many calcium products on the market, although the ad said its absorption rate as high as high, but the actual effect may be very different, from a scientific point of view, calcium supplement or to fill is better. Improve the food calcium, it is easy to think of milk and eggs, and do not know the black sesame calcium content is much higher than the former two, each hundred grams of black sesame seeds in calcium close to 800 mg, and per 100 grams of milk calcium content was 200 Mg or so, it can be seen, black sesame seeds is calcium to share.



The cause of hypertension is multifaceted, of which there is a very important one is on the high salt diet, nutrition experts recommend daily intake of salt per person no more than 6 grams, but the actual life, most people can not do, therefore, recommended High potassium diet is very important, because potassium into the human body after one of the main role is to promote the discharge of sodium. Black sesame seeds in the rich potassium content, per hectare of black sesame seeds with high potassium, and sodium is much less, the proportion of potassium and sodium content close to 40: 1, which for the control of blood pressure and maintain heart health is very important.

(3)Make the hair more glossy

Modern studies have shown that hair follicle melanocytes in the secretion of melanin is the main cause of white hair, which reduce the number of tyrosinase is one of the pathological mechanisms, the study found that black sesame extract can promote tyrosinase expression, melanin The amount of synthesis will be able to improve, white hair and therefore can become black again.

Understand the morning drink black sesame paste ok after this problem, if you usually prefer to drink black sesame paste, then it is recommended that you can eat in the morning when it is not only conducive to the absorption of black sesame paste nutrition, and it The heat is relatively low, is a relatively good weight loss breakfast, it is recommended that you may wish to eat for some time to see the results.



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