Drink Hot Water Brewing Black Sesame Powder in Independent Separate Small Packets

Shermark provide drink hot water brewing black sesame powder in independent separate small packets.This is very convenient for people to take,it’s very suitable for the office worker,students .If you want to try the convenient sesame powder,you can contact with us.

Product Details

1.Production of the small packets black sesame powder

Black sesame paste is made of black sesame dessert. Black sesame seeds contain iron and vitamin E is an important ingredient in the prevention of anemia, activation of brain cells, and elimination of blood vessel cholesterol.We put the black sesame paste in the small bag packaging, so that people will be more convenient to carry brewing.

2.Parameter of the independent packet black sesame powder

Product name

Black sesame powder

Moisture content







Top grade

Shelf life

18 months


As customer’s requirement


100% pure

Place origin


Pouch capacity

based on customer's needs

3.Details of the balck sesame powder in separate packaging

Semen Sesami Nigrum is a black seed of flaxseed fat, contains a lot of fat and protein, but also contains sugar, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, chromium and other nutrients. There are stomach, liver, promote the role of red blood cell growth, and can increase the body of melanin, is conducive to hair growth.Black sesame gas is weak, tasteless, crushed after sesame oil aroma.

4.Qualification of the small separate packets sesame powder

5.Why we make hot sesame powder drink in small packets

The pace of modern life is very fast, and many white-collar workers do not have time to enjoy their own breakfast. In the course of work, do not eat breakfast may be detrimental to health.

In order to solve the breakfast problem of many people, Shermark specially put the sesame powder with small packaging production, so it’s more easy to carry.We hope that everyone can be energetic every day.You can brew a cup of black sesame paste at work or you can have it as a snacks.


Q:Can I visit your manufacturer?

A:Yes,of course.Please tell me your schedule and we will serve you in a better way.


Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are a professional sesame food manufacturer.And we will provide sesame food in factory pricce.


Q:Can you make product in our brand?

A:Yes.We can produce according to your products details as your request.


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