Drink Hot Water Brew Facilitate White Sesame Powder in Separate Packets Which You Can Put in Sugar

Shermark provide the drink hot water brew facilitate white sesame powder in separate packets which you can put in sugar.This is more convenient for people to have it in day life.We are expecting your letter,please contact us and we will give you a discount price.

Product Details

1.Introduction of the hot water brewing white sesame powder

White sesame powder in the modern is very popular food.Women often eat can increase the skin's smoothness, whitening, increase skin elasticity.We are manufacturer, can produce sesame powder according to customer demand.We can mass production, if you want to buy, please send us an inquiry.

2.Parameter of the white sesame powder with sugar


Content(every 100g)











3.Black sesame powder production process


Screening of raw sesame seeds with sieve for 40 mesh shaker, removal of particulate foreign matter and other impurities in sesame seeds.


Will sieve the sesame seeds in the big wok in the cleaning, remove the sesame seeds attached to the dust and dry small pieces of sesame seeds, with the fence cut into the baskets, the water control dry.


Will be washed well control dry sesame seeds into the frying oven to stir fry, frying temperature of 150 ℃, time is 50min.

(4)Remove the smoke

Stove out fried sesame seeds from the fried , remove the shovel when raised, remove the soda in the process of sesame mixed dust.

(5)cool down

After drying the sesame seeds into a special cooling pool for cooling, cooling to 25 ℃

(6)Milled, pink

Cool the sesame seeds into the universal crusher for crushing


Packaging bottles into the packaging before the disinfection, canned food strictly control the net content.

4.Qualification of the sesame powder in separate packets


Q:Can I visit your manufacturer?

A:Yes,of course.Please tell me your schedule and we will serve you in a better way.


Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are a professional sesame food manufacturer.And we will provide sesame food in factory pricce.


Q:Can you make product in our brand?

A:Yes.We can produce according to your products details as your request.

6.How to eat hot white sesame powder?

Our sesame powder is fried. People eat only need to sachet sesame powder into the bowl, pour into the water, while stirring into the side, waiting for two minutes.White sesame powder put in sugar is also provide a good taste ,if you like dessert,you can try some sugar or honey.


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