Black Sesame Powder for Drinking with Hot Water Brewing

We provide the black sesame powder for drinking with hot water brewing.This sesame powder has a a fragrance obviously.And we are a manufacturer which provide the sesame powder in factory price.We are hoping to become your long-term partner in China.

Product Details

1.Introduction of the hot drinking black sesame powder

Black sesame powder selection of high quality black sesame seeds after baking sterilization and other processing from the black sesame powder and its rich efficacy, can be beneficial to the human liver and kidney, men can eat.Black sesame seeds flour is very rich in vitamin E, with anti-aging, liver and kidney, run five internal organs, strong bones, Qi Qi, longevity and so on. And cucumber seed powder with the food can promote the absorption of calcium, enhance immunity, Runchang, relieve dry stool, regulate endocrine.

2.Parameter of the water brewing black sesame powder

Product name

Black sesame powder

Moisture content







Top grade

Shelf life

18 months


As customer’s requirement


100% pure

Place origin


Our black sesame powder is non-sugar,if you want to drink it as a dessert,you can put one spoon sugar in the black sesame powder and brew it with hot water.

3.Advantage of the hot water brewing sesame powder

Black sesame paste is made of black sesame,usually people eat it with hot water and sugar,it’s a common dessert. Black sesame seeds contain iron and vitamin E is an important component in the prevention of anemia, activation of brain cells, elimination of blood vessel cholesterol.Black sesame paste not only taste very good, but also has a good medical effect. Chinese medicine believes that sesame sweet, warm, there are blood, Runchang, through milk, raising hair and other effects, suitable for the treatment of physical weakness, hair early white, anemia, dry stool, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms. Black sesame paste more effective than the milk, eat more skin will be slippery, less wrinkles, but also make the skin rosy white. More can cure constipation. Women eat better.

The use of diet to lose weight, because of its nutrient intake is not enough, the skin will become dry and rough. And sesame seeds contain substances to prevent the body fat yolk, choline, muscle sugar, even if you eat more will not get fat. So while dieting to lose weight at the same time, if with the consumption of sesame seeds, rough skin can be improved.

4.Nutrient content of the black sesame powder for drinking

According to the scientific analysis of nutritionists: black sesame paste the main raw material black sesame seeds per 100 grams of protein containing 21.9 grams, 61.7 grams of fat, calcium 564 mg, 368 mg of phosphorus, iron 50 mg, also contains sesamin, , Oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, sterols, lecithin, vitamin A, B, D, E and other nutrients. Because sesame seeds are so rich in nutrition, and thus delay the aging and beauty of people, it played a great role.

5.Product details of the black sesame powder drink

Sesame seed powder contains fatty acids based on polyunsaturated fatty acids. If not properly preserved, it’s easier to oxidize deterioration. Therefore, when preserving sesame food, it is best to use a sealed method and store it in a cool place to avoid light and high temperatures.



Q:What are your raw materials for sesame seed powder?

A:Our raw materials are 100% pure Chinese sesame seed planting field ,or you can order the sesame seed origin such as Japan ,Australia or any other areas.But honestly speaking ,China is the biggest sesame seed highest yield country,and the sesame seed is the harvested ,we suggest customers to choose the sesame seeds form China.


Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are a professional sesame food manufacturer in Shandong,China.If you are interested in our sesame product ,please send a inquiry and we will contact you immediately.

7.Latest news

Skin care skin: eat sesame seeds, can keep the skin soft, delicate and smooth. People with habitual constipation, intestinal toxins will damage the human liver, but also cause rough skin. Sesame can cure the constipation and have the effect of moisturizing the skin. The use of diet to lose weight, because of its nutrient intake is not enough, the skin will become dry and rough.

Shermark make the sesame seed powder ,people can eat it in a new way.Sesame powder production is to make it easier for everyone to eat.If you want to get beauty,buy and eat it.


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