Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

This is organic 100% pure cold pressed sesame oil with fully retain the sesame nutritional value and rich flavor.

Product Details

brand】                       Shermarkblob.png

【Origin】                       Binzhou , Shandong province

【material】                    100% pure sesame seed

【specification】             380ml

【Shelf life】                   18 months

【Storage method】       Cool, dark, dry place .Avoid prolonged direct sunlight

Organic sesame oil dishes

Mentioning dishes, rich in nutrition, quality of life


Physical press

Fully retain the sesame nutritional value and rich flavor


        item                                                       Each hundred grams contains                                      NRV%
     energy                                                                             3534KJ                                                           42%
     protein                                                                                 0g                                                                 0%
     fat                                                                                    95.5g                                                            159%
Carbohydrates                                                                       0g                                                                 0%
    sodium                                                                                 0g                                                                 0%

Our daily consumption of vegetable oil is mostly hot oil, that is, before the oil in the oil before the election, broken after high temperature heating, so that a series of changes within the oil: destruction of oil cells, to promote protein degeneration, reduce oil Viscosity, etc., to be suitable for pressing and oil extraction.

1.Cold pressing is a production process of oil production. General cold pressing method in less than 60 ℃ environment for processing, nutrient retention remains the most complete. As the cold squeeze the oil rate is only half of the hot pressing method, so most of the price of cold pressed oil is about 50% higher than the hot oil.

2.The cold squeezed out of the oil because there is no damage, generally do not need to add additives, you can save a long time. Market value is relatively high.

3.Cold pressed oil has a pure natural characteristics, to avoid the traditional high temperature oil processing adverse effects.

4.Cold pressed oil to retain the natural flavor and color of oil, a complete preservation of the oil in the physiological substances (vitamin E has anti-aging function, steroids with a skin effect and enhance the body's metabolic function), cold pressed oil, Is the choice of healthy life.

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