330ml Roasted Sesame Oil in Glass Bottle for Salad Dressing Healthy

We are devoted ourselves to producing the sesame oil for many years.We choose China's largest sesame field, select the hand-harvest sesame seeds which the fruit is full. Shermark will always strive for excellence.

Product Details

1.We choose the origin of sesame seeds

In order to produce the organic golden color sesame oil,we went to the field to study the growth environment of sesame seeds.

China sesame cultivation area of 697326 m2, yields reached 1048.5Kg / ha, total output reached 730.8 thousand tons, yields and total production reached the world's first level.In the central part of China, west of Hubei Xiangfan, Henan Nanyang, Zhumadian, Zhoukou to Anwei Fuyang, Suxian and other places to form a concentrated planting of sesame seeds in China, and as the core to the north and south radiation, formed, including Huanghuai, Jianghan Plain sesame main producing areas.This area is the center of China's sesame production, planting area, to a large extent affected the situation of Chinese sesame production.

2.The parameter of the sesame oil


Sesame oil

Oil production

Main nutrients

Vitamin e, linoleic acid, iron, calcium

Suitble people



Daily 10 to 20 grams

Sesame seed

We supply the sesame seed from China,China's production of sesame seeds with high quality, high yield, multi-resistance, early maturing and other characteristics .We buy the best quality sesame seed in Zhejiang province, China to product the 100% pure sesame oil

3.Packaging of the Shermark sesame oil

Sesame oil put in glass bottle ,why?Glass bottles can retain the fragrance of sesame oil.Our sesame oil in glass bottle can keep the fragrance from bottle start to finish eating.Clients won’t worry about the taste.

4.How can sesame oil be eaten?

Sesame oil salad dressing healthy is a very common sense.But we usually don’t drink it straightly.We provide roasted sesame oil for salad.Here, Shermark will  introduce a very simple sesame oil salad to you.

First,you need sash small tomatoes, round lettuce, cucumber, purple cabbage.

Second,you can cut them into small ones.

Third,put them in large bowl and put in sesame oil for salad .

Last,put another large bowl on the first large bowl and shake it.

This dish is very quickly for summer.

Reduce the fire, reduce heat, lose weight! Let’s try the roasted sesame oil for salad.

5.Advantage of Chinese sesame oil

China's sesame produced has high quality, high yield, multi-resistance, early maturing and other characteristics, high and stable production. Compared with 23 sesame varieties at home and abroad, the average yield was the highest, the oil content was 56.66%, the protein was 19.74%, the grain was thin, the oil yield was 53.8%, 3-4 percentage points higher than that of ordinary sesame; 2.6 percentage points higher than ordinary sesame. Color pure white, pure taste and strong resistance to disease.


Q:How to pack the product?

A:We will be loaded in the rail transport.

Q:What is the amount of sesame oil consumed?

A:Edible sesame oil is generally 10 to 20 grams per day

Q:Where is the Export customs?

A:Qingdao province , China

7.Latest news

Sesame oil itself is also higher digestion and absorption rate, up to 98%. At the same time sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, with the ability to promote cell division and anti-aging. In the elderly with sesame oil, but also can prevent hair loss and premature white hair.


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