Cooking Fish Salad with Raw White Sesame Seeds Taste Good

We are a professional sesame food manufacturer in China .Now we can provide cooking fish salad with raw white sesame seeds which taste good.We are very glad to hear from you,if you have an questions,we can provide the answer service and we also have the after-sell service.

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1.Introduction of the salad with raw sesame seeds

White sesame is a very nutritious food, maybe many of us often because of the pressure is too large to make our own hair loss hair problems, eat some white sesame can help us to prevent their own hair loss situation , Can effectively help us to promote the regeneration of melanin.

Health sesame seeds also rich in vitamin E can be beautiful beauty is also very good sesame sesame laxative effect.

2.Parameter of the raw white sesame seeds

(1)White sesame seeds contain a lot of fat and protein, as well as sugar, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium and other nutrients; sesame linoleic acid has the role of regulating cholesterol.

(2)White sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, can prevent the secretion of lipid peroxidation of the skin, offset or neutralize the accumulation of harmful substances in the cell free radicals, can make the skin white and moist, and to prevent a variety of skin inflammation.

(1)White sesame seeds also have the effect of nourishing, you can treat the skin dry, rough, smooth and smooth skin, red luster.

3.How to do fish salad with sesame seeds?









Half one

Crab sauce


Round lettuce




Purple cabbage







 soy sauce


Sushi vinegar


Onion slag


raw sesame seeds for cooking


(1)Round lettuce, cabbage, purple cabbage washed soak 1 hour.

(2)Prepare salmon, fresh shellfish.Prepare squid, crab.

(3)Prepare Japanese soy sauce 1 tablespoon sesame vinegar 1 tsp, crab sauce.

(4)Fresh shellfish, squid, crab Liu Zhuo water back.

(5)Fresh seafood: Japanese soy sauce 1 tablespoon sesame vinegar 1 tsp, 10g raw sesame seeds for cooking ,mix them well.

(6)Cut the round lettuce sliced in the bottom of the salad, cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots, cucumber are cut in the round lettuce above the fresh shellfish, squid, crab cut into small pieces, evenly placed in a variety of vegetable silk Of the top, and then put the salmon, edible poured seafood juice, can be attached to the crab sauce.

4.General situation of the raw sesame seeds for cooking

The sesame main planting belt in China covers Huanghuai, Jianghuai and Jianghan plain main production area, from  Xiangfan in Hubei province to Fuyang and Suxian in Anhui province.

Mainly distributed in Pingyu, Xincai, XIangcheng, Shenqiu Counties in Henan Province and Linquan County in Anhui Province.

Due to the comfortable soil and climate character, sesame seeds produced in above areas have high oil content with white seed coat and delicious flavor.

5.Advantage of the raw white sesame seeds

Eat sesame seeds, can keep the skin soft, delicate and smooth. People with habitual constipation, intestine retention of toxins can damage the human liver, can also cause rough skin. Sesame can cure the constipation and have the effect of moisturizing the skin.

The use of diet to lose weight, because of its nutrient intake is not enough, the skin will become dry and rough. And sesame seeds contain substances to prevent the body fat yolk, choline, muscle sugar, so the sesame eat more will not get fat.


Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are a professional sesame oil manufacturer for many years.You will be offered with products with excellent quality and competitive price.


Q:Can I visit your manufacturer?

A:Yes,you are very welcome to visit our manufacturer and see the sesame oil production process at any time.


Q:Can you make products in our brand?

A:Yes,we can produce product according to your request,and your brand samples are needed.


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