Toasted White Sesame Seeds Benefits Plant in China

Shermark supply the toasted white sesame seeds benefits plant in China.We choose the best sesame seed plant field and use the ancient way to save the taste of the sesame seeds.Toasted white sesame seeds have many usages such as cookies.Please contact us and send a inquiry if you have any problems.

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1.Introduction of the Chinese toasted white sesame seeds

Sesame after frying after the flavor is more rich and high nutritional value. Fried sesame seeds are not sesame bitter taste, more fragrant, is the kitchen essential spices.

Generally the most used place at home sesame is that in the cold dishes when the release of a little, it seems very appetite, it is also very good to eat, especially the ice powder above the white sesame seeds, that taste is really good, some home will Directly with sesame oil, and some home will be sesame fried re-use, and now to say is that the effect of fried white sesame and the role of beauty skin care white sesame rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, nourishing the skin is an important nutrient , Can make skin youth radiance, B vitamins for acne or dermatitis, with therapeutic effect; and vitamin E can prevent dry skin, wrinkles.

2.Parameter of the toasted white sesame seed

































Keto acid




3.Process of the toasting sesame seeds

(1)Screening quality sesame seeds

Mechanical sieve out the black sesame seeds in the impurities, dry fruit.

(1)Water cleansing sesame seeds

Soak the sesame seeds in water and stir. Waiting for the second batch of impurities floating on the water, filtered out. Dry sesame after soaking with water.

(2)Pour into the pot stir fry

We will dry the black sesame seeds into the wok in the mechanical stir fry, master the furnace, to avoid the black sesame seeds produce paste flavor.

(3)Remove soot

Remove the soot in the black sesame oil with electric equipment


Will be completed by the production of fried black sesame mechanical filling, packaging for the glass or vacuum packaging plastic.

4.Cooking way of the sesame seeds plant in China

Pumpkin sesame ball

Ingredients: Pumpkin, flour, oil, smooth dough, toasted white sesame seed

(1) Pumpkin washed cut, steamed on the steamer, with a spoon into a pumpkin mud, add flour, white oil and into a smooth dough.

(2) Kneading into a long, take a small piece of surface, knead into thin strips, kneaded into small balls.

(3) Sprinkle white sesame seeds on the pan.

(4) Small ball stick white sesame seeds.

(5) Rub a good ball a little sticky white sesame seeds.

(6) Put in the middle of the oven, 160 degrees, 30 minutes can be.

5.Advantage of the sesame seeds plant in China

White sesame seeds contain fatty acids, amino acids and a variety of minerals that can be used to promote hair growth. Eating can make the hair black and beautiful. Can lose weight white sesame seeds in the choline and inositol, can break down and eliminate excessive fat in the liver to prevent the formation of fatty liver to help the synthesis of hormones, and fat and cholesterol metabolism essential nutrients. White sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B2, with the role of strengthening the metabolism of fat: vitamin B6 can promote protein and fat metabolism, so white sesame is an indispensable ingredients to lose weight. White sesame seeds also have the effect of nourishing, you can treat the skin dry, rough, so that the skin delicate and smooth, red and shiny.

Can be strong bone white sesame calcium content than the average vegetable and beans are much higher, after the small fish dry, regular consumption, the bones and teeth are of great benefit. White sesame linoleic acid, is essential to the human body essential fatty acids, lack of some of the hormones can not be normal to manufacture. But also to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, white sesame seeds are rich in linoleic acid, with antioxidant effect, can reduce harmful cholesterol, to protect the cardiovascular, to prevent the effect of aging. Chinese medicine believes that white sesame ignorant of nature, with blood, Runchang, Sheng Jin, through milk, the effectiveness of hair, for the treatment of physical weakness, hair early white, anemia, dry stool, dizziness, tinnitus embolism.


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A:Yes,we are a professional sesame food manufacturer.And we will provide sesame food in factory pricce.


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