1kg Large Traditional Roasted White Sesame

1kg Large Traditional Roasted White Sesame

we produce roasted white sesmae seeds in 1kG package,welcom to choose .

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Shermark selected high quality domestic and picking sesame cultivation base output of mature full sesame seeds, after a rigorous screening, cleaning, frying with moving the smoke, finally in mechanical makeup bag, complete OEM export process of sesame.We insist in making the roasted sesame seeds in a traditional way.



1. It can be eaten directly.

2. Roasted sesame can be used as a bakery excipient.

3. Roasted sesame can be used as an ornament for biscuit snacks.

4. Cooked sesame can be loaded into the broken machine mixing, after the formation of sesame paste to smear bread.


1Kg per bag,we can put 10 bags in one carton,or we can pack them in order.We choose the vacuum packing, the white roasted sesame shelf life is 18 months,so you won’t worry about the time problem.If you want to buy some small packaging sesame seeds,please leave your needs.




100g /bag

What are the benefits of roasted sesame seeds to our health?

1.Anti Aging:Aroma of rich sesame seeds, digestive function has weakened in the elderly, not only can increase appetite, more conducive to nutrient absorption, sesame oil itself has a higher rate of digestion and absorption, up to 98%. At the same time sesame oil is rich in vitamins, with the promotion of cell division and anti-aging function. You can also prevent hair loss and premature white hair.

2.Moisten the dry digestive apparatus:There is a good laxative effect of constipation have a preventive effect and efficacy. Habitual constipation patients, sooner or later fasting to drink a sesame oil, laxative intestines.

3.Protect blood vessels:Roasted sesame seeds softens blood vessels and maintain blood vessel elasticity, have good results, rich in vitamin E, beneficial to maintain the integrity and function of cell membranes, promote cholesterol metabolism, and help digestion of arterial wall sediment deposition.


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