Special Pure Sesame Seeds Are Good For Cardiovascular And Cerebrovascular

Special Pure Sesame Seeds Are Good For Cardiovascular And Cerebrovascular

Stone sesame oil, non-polluting base to create pure thick high-quality sesame oil

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Manufacturers Contact: 0543-3099886

Ingredients: Selected Jiujiang sesame seeds

Storage method: cool, dry place

Shelf life: 540 days

Food Additives: None

Net content: 380ml or custom

Packaging brand: Shermark series

Combination Origin: Mainland China provinces

Cycle: 1 month delivery

Frequency: 1 week 1 time



1.Traditional stone grinding, pure fragrant

   Using the provisions of the Ministry of Agriculture pollution-free sesame seeds, the use of traditional stone grinding, cold grinding process, grinding pure fragrant sesame oil.

2.More nutrition, long-term preservation

    Sesame oil cold grinding process to take 28 to stone speed, stone itself in the coolness and high temperature stir fry sesame seeds, fragrant drop drop out, nutrition is kept a little bit.

3.Delicate extract, aroma overflowing

    600 mesh fine extraction, filter out excess impurities, keep more nutrition, storage for a long time, we use multiple filtration method, so that the pure color of sesame oil and clear, rich and lasting lasting, higher nutritional value.

4.Planting base pollution-free, conducive to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

    Sesame cultivation base away from the city, no pollution source. Sesame oil compared to peanut oil compared to soybean oil is not burden, but also to lungs and cough to help the health of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, so that blood vessels to maintain a certain degree of flexibility, reduce the vulnerability of blood vessels.

Edible method

    Speaking of sesame oil consumption methods, varied in China. But also as a barbecue or hot pot of dipping food, of course, and other spices can be stirred with each other, due to the rich flavor of sesame oil, it is appetite. And sesame oil does not make people eat after the fire, so many stores will be special for sesame oil.We will be in the future of the website news will be regularly pushed on the sesame oil dishes tutorial, welcome to regular reading.


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    Our production process is all automatic, if you are interested can come to visit our factory, we expand this year, the plant base, look forward to your study.

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