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Winter Latest Sesame Oil Bring You A New Health Care

- Nov 24, 2017 -

    Winter edible sesame oil can protect the heart system, enhance immunity, promote intestinal peristalsis.In China, winter is the most suitable season for body care. Both acupuncture and Chinese medicine theory or diet are documented since ancient times, people in the winter regimen.Next, we will talk about what winter sesame oil and health effects.

   For sesame oil, we have two ways to maintain our body. First, oral administration, and second, external use.Drink half a tablespoon of sesame oil before going to bed and get up early in the morning, or honey and water to help prevent and treat bronchitis and constipation. Take the ratio of 1: 2 sesame oil, lamb liver, add a little salt fried food, help lungs and cough. Contains half a tablespoon of sesame oil a day, helps to reduce the symptoms of periodontitis, bad breath, tonsillitis, bleeding gums. People who smoke and drink alcohol often drink sesame oil and help to reduce the irritation and damage of the teeth, gums and oral mucosa by smoke. Drink a small amount of sesame oil before drinking, the esophagus, gastric mucosa can play a protective effect.


     So how to topical sesame oil? Apply the right amount of sesame oil directly on the skin, can play a moisturizing effect, make the skin more smooth and delicate. Sooner or later take a small amount of sesame oil wiping lip, both repair and moisturize the effectiveness of the lips. Use sterile cotton ball dipped in sesame oil directly applied to the nasal affected area, can improve the symptoms of chronic rhinitis. Suffering from bacillary dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, diarrhea, due to gastrointestinal disorders, should not eat more sesame oil.

      We will continue to produce latest sesame oil to all over the world,waiting for your inquiry.

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