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Will Black Sesame Become White After Frying And Peeling?

- Sep 22, 2018 -

     Peeled sesame is also known as sesame seed, is the shell of sesame nickname, then black sesame peeled is white sesame? No!  Black sesame and white sesame are two varieties. Usually peeled sesame  is deep-processed products of white sesame (through the process of  sesame material screening, soaking, peeling, drying, color selection and  so on). Black sesame is good for liver, kidney, blood, moistening,  drying, black hair and beauty. But black sesame is one of the best  health and beauty foods. It is not used to produce peeled sesame seeds. The so-called "peeled sesame" is also processed from white sesame seeds.

     It  is not the so-called white sesame must be peeled. White sesame is not  peeled in general fat production, but it is best to peel when eaten  directly.  The shelled white sesame is milky white uniformly, looks particularly  appetizing and tells you that it feels very slippery and very soft. The  color of the unpacked white sesame is not uniform, there are yellow,  white, brown and the feel is not so good.  Because the shelled white "peeled sesame" costs about a dollar a kilo  more than the shelled white sesame, the market sells basically no  shelled white sesame. Peeling sesame is usually produced under the food factory.


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