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Why Sesame Placed After A Period Of Time There Will Be A Layer Of Grease?

- Jan 03, 2018 -

     When we buy sesame sauce for some time, it will precipitate a layer of sesame oil, which is why?

     Sesame itself rich in fat, and Shermark brand sesame oil did not extract oil from storing a period of time deposited a layer of oil is precisely the characteristics of pure Shermak brand sesame paste. After the oil is drained, the bottom part may become clumpy and dry due to the reduction of the fat. Just a little bit of sesame oil is added and the mixture is carefully stirred to become lubricious again.

     In fact, want to make sesame paste is not very simple, just add a little hydrogenated vegetable oil as a stabilizer can no longer oil, however, the trans fatty acid in hydrogenated vegetable oil seriously endanger human health! Shermark provides only healthy natural sesame products, all products will not contain any additives, please rest assured eating.

    Chinese Shermark sesame paste its a good choice for your healthy.Welcome to buy and send a inquiry to us,we will reply you soon.


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