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What Is The Effect Of Eating Sprayed Bottled Pure Sesame Oil?

- Nov 14, 2018 -

 The effect of eating sprayed bottled pure sesame oil

1.  Delaying aging: The rich aroma of sprayed bottled pure sesame oil can not only increase  appetite, but also facilitate the absorption of nutrients for  middle-aged and elderly people whose digestive function has been  weakened. The digestion and absorption rate of sprayed bottled pure sesame oil itself is also  high, up to 98%. At the same time, sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, which has the function of promoting cell division and delaying aging. Middle-aged and elderly people use sesame oil for a long time to prevent hair loss and premature gray hair.

2.  Protection of blood vessels: sprayed bottled pure sesame oil has a good effect on softening  blood vessels and maintaining blood vessel elasticity. Its rich vitamin E  is beneficial to maintain the integrity and function of cell membranes,  and also reduce the accumulation of lipids in the body. The  sesame oil contains about 40% of linoleic acid unsaturated fatty acids,  which are easily decomposed and absorbed by the body to promote the  metabolism of cholesterol and help to eliminate deposits on the walls of  arterial blood vessels.

3.  Run the laxative: a large amount of oil of sprayed bottled pure sesame oil, as well as a  good laxative effect, have a certain preventive effect and curative  effect on constipation. Patients  with habitual constipation, drink aSpray Bottled Pure Sesame Oil scented oil on an empty stomach in  the morning and evening, can ease bowel movements.

4.  Reducing tobacco and alcohol poisoning: People who have smoking habits  and alcoholism often drink sesame oil, which can reduce the direct  stimulation and damage of cigarettes on teeth, gums, oral mucosa, and  the formation of lung spots, and also absorb nicotine. Relative inhibition.

5.  Reduce alcohol damage: Drink some sprayed bottled pure sesame oil before drinking, it will  play a certain protective effect on the mouth, esophagus, gastric cardia  and gastric mucosa.

6.  Protect the scorpion: Drinking sesame oil can enhance the elasticity of  the vocal cords, make the glottis flexible and powerful, and have a  good recovery effect on hoarseness and chronic pharyngitis.

7.  Treatment of rhinitis: patients with chronic rhinitis, using a sterile  cotton ball to extract sesame oil applied to the affected area of the  nasal cavity, can relieve symptoms.

8.  Freckle moisturizes the skin: Lecithin in the sesame oil not only  moisturizes the skin, but also can remove freckles, especially the age  spots.

9.  Reduce the damage to the esophagus such as fishbone: When swallowing  fishbone, jujube nucleus and broken bone, drink the scented oil to make  the foreign matter slide smoothly across the esophagus and reduce the  damage.

10.  Auxiliary treatment of bronchitis, etc.: People with bronchitis and  emphysema, drinking scented oil before going to sleep at night can  significantly reduce cough.

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