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What Does The Effect Of Sesame Oil And Action Have Respectively?

- Feb 18, 2019 -

Sesame oil is a must in our kitchen. However, besides being a condiment, sesame oil also has some strange effects. This article makes a summary of the effects of sesame oil based on daily life experience. Let's take a look at some of the more unusual USES of sesame oil.
1.Moisturize your lips. Every night before going to bed 10 minutes, can use cotton swab or use forefinger directly, dip in take a few sesame oil daub to go up to the lip, when sleeping reoccupy makes up cotton sticks the sesame oil that did not absorb, in case grease is brushed to quilt. Often insist to nurse labial ministry skin with sesame oil, can make the lip becomes plump and plump not only moist, still can reduce labial grain effectively.
2. Lubricate keys and keyholes. If the key is not used for a long time, the key and the keyhole of this key may become very axial and not easy to open. Just put a drop of sesame oil on the key, and a miracle will happen. You will find that the lock will be opened at once
3.Treat constipation. Sesame oil still can treat constipation, be aimed at obstinate sex constipation especially, the effect of sesame oil is inferior absolutely cathartic. If constipation, you can directly drink a small bottle of sesame oil cap in the morning, constipation can be alleviated.
4 can replace the oil, lubrication chain. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people ride bicycles, so the roadside mechanic is basically not preparing oil. So don't worry if your bike's chain ages and becomes giggly, replace the oil with sesame oil and simply put a few drops on the chain and rotate it evenly. Sesame oil helps reduce the friction on the chain and makes riding a bike much easier.
5. The effect of preventing insomnia. If the body condition is bad and insomnia, might as well drink a little sesame oil before going to bed, it can help you quickly calm the nerves, so that you quickly into a sleep state.
6. Protect skin from chapping. Apply a drop of sesame oil to your daily face cream or hand cream to protect your skin from being cracked in the wind. And because sesame oil contains rich lecithin, often use the freckle that still can desalt a face.
Anyone can eat it.

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