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Vegetarian Diet Chestnut Rice With Sesame Oil

- Jan 29, 2018 -

   The oil dish to be introduced to you today is vegetarian diet chestnut rice with sesame oil.Vegetarian sesame oil meal will not be greasy, rice is very Q soft, and chestnuts are added to the meal to add a lot of sweet smell.How to do it ?Let's begin!

   First is the ingredients.

  ingredients name    Consumption    ingredients name 
Long glutinous rice3 little cupsDried mushrooms6 individual
Taro1/3 individualCarrot
1/3 individual
green peaone cupVegetarian ham50g
Fresh chestnut18 individualGinger
4-6 slices
soy sauce2 spoonssesame oil
2 spoons
White pepper3 gOyster Sauce5 g

 We will dry letinous edodes water soaked shred carrots cut into small cubes after boiled in boiling water, vegetarian ham cut into small pieces, taro peeled and cut into small cubes, glutinous rice washed water drain completely.Take the pot of the electronic pot, add the long glutinous rice and the water (the ratio is 1:0.6-0.8, see the personal soft hardness adjustment), chestnut and taro Ding shop above the rice, put it into the electronic pot, cook it.Add a proper amount of sesame oil in the pot, and use small and medium fire slowly to flattened the aroma of the old ginger slices.Then add dry letinous edodes, green bean kernel, plain ham, carrot and a spoon of water to stir fry.Pour into the cooked glutinous rice, and start with chestnuts.Add the seasoning to stir fry the glutinous rice.Take a bowl of high heat preservation film on the public shop, put the chestnuts on the bottom of the bowl, and then put the glutinous rice in the tablespoon to buckle the plate and finish.


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