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The Way To Distinguish The Sesame Oil

- Jun 14, 2018 -

    Sesame oil, such as amber, orange yellow, red, crystal clear, strong fragrance, long lasting. It can be used to modulate cold and hot dishes, to have the smell of smell and smell; add in soup, add fresh palatability; for cooking, frying, pure and color, is the treasure of edible oil.

    Sesame oil contains the essential unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids of human body and ranks first among all kinds of vegetable oils. It also contains rich vitamins and essential trace elements such as iron, zinc and copper. Its cholesterol content is far lower than that of animal fat.

The way to distinguish  the sesame oil:

1.Color discrimination: pure fragrant oil is red or orange red, machine oil is lighter than small mill flavor oil, fragrant oil is mixed with rapeseed oil and dark yellow, and blended with cottonseed oil, the color is dark red.

2.Water test: dip a drop of sesame oil with chopsticks onto the cool surface of the cool water. Pure sesame oil will show a colorless and transparent thin oil. The oil flowers of adulterated sesame oil are small and thick, and are not easy to spread. [2] has been proved that the water temperature has a decisive role in distinguishing pure oil and blend oil, and the cold water is not scattered and can't be distinguished. Both of the warm water are scattered, but the shape and size of the oil are not the same.

3.Smell smell: the fragrant oil of small mill is rich, rich and unique, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, refined oil, rapeseed oil and so on is not only poor in fragrance, but also have other odors, such as peanuts and beans. Part of the sesame oil is made from the blending of food flavors, and the sense of smell is relatively poor.


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