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The Taste Of Childhood - Sesame Seed Egg Crackers

- Aug 09, 2018 -

Today, I found the blueprint of this biscuit in the buyer's show.

It was found that the seame seed food was simple, and there were some farm sesame seeds in the house.

Try it. It's basically done in half an hour.



2  eggs

Sugar 40g

Corn oil 50g

Low gluten flour 70g

Black Sesame seed15g

1. eggs, oil and sugar mixed with manual egg whisk stirring evenly.Stir until there is no lump. The egg whisk can slide down.


2.Sifting low gluten flour and black sesame.

3.Put the flower bag into a round mouth cup and pour it into batter.

4.The batter was mounted on the baking pan with a pouch.Don't be full, the batter will flow.


5.Put it in a 160 degree preheated oven and bake for 15 minutes until the edges of the cookies are golden. It may be a little soft when it's ready, and it becomes crisp when it's cool.

6.If you have almond slices, you can sprinkle them on the top of the cookies, and make them crispy and crispy.



1. the oil in the formula can be replaced with other lightly flavour oils. Flour can be replaced with medium gluten flour.

2. the temperature of each oven is different, the baking temperate time slightly different, baked to the edge of the biscuit can be yellowing, if cool or a little soft, can be re baked the oven for a few minutes.

3. it is advisable to bake with no baking pan, tarpaulin or silica gel mat.

4. I used to use a pouch to squeeze the batter, not to make the batter everywhere, and to take the batter directly with a spoon.

5. the amount of sugar and oil can be added and reduced according to the taste of each person

6. a box of about 70 biscuits

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