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The Practice Of Chicken Soup Noodle With Silk

- Mar 08, 2018 -

After the last vote on facebook, we found that all the tastes were in the light.So, we abandoned the Chili oil spicy noodles, below and we will share the practice of chicken soup noodles.Noodles are a lot of food that we eat a lot. We need to elaborate to enhance the nutritional needs of the contemporary population, cook noodles with delicious chicken soup, nutritious and delicious, and people will also like to eat.

The raw materials we need only 1/4  chicken, noodles 500g, lean meat 50g, carrots 1, letinous edodes 3, 5 trees, ginger flower cabbage 1 pieces, cooking wine 5ml, soy sauce 5ml, starch 3g, a little sesame oil and a little salt.

1. rinse carrot hob cut into pieces, wash the cabbage, ginger slices, letinous edodes rinse;

2. sufficient quantities of water into the pot to boil, add chicken boiled hot after the fish will blanch chicken out the water to pick a pot of water, add chicken, carrots, letinous edodes, ginger, fire boil turn a small fire to simmer for 1 hours;

3. wash the pork cut into 3MM WIDE filaments, with salt and cooking wine, soy sauce, starch grasp uniform after curing for a moment;

4. stew cooked chicken filter into the pot, boil the noodles, boiled noodles to non white core in Chinese cabbage and shredded meat stir powder fire cooked, finally add sesame oil seasoning and salt.


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