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The Practice And Edible Benefits Of Honey Sesame Oil Soup

- May 14, 2018 -

     Regular consumption of oil can prevent aging. How do we deal with the sesame oil we bought  from the supermarket? Shermark will provide you a soup for daily life.

    First, honey is placed in a porcelain cup, stirring with chopsticks or small spoons. When the honey is thickening, stir the sesame oil slowly into the honey sugar and stir it evenly. Then, when the water is boiled to warm (about 45 degrees C), the mixture of honey and sesame oil is poured into the mixture and then stirred up to make the three kinds of substances mixed liquid state, that is, taking.The fragrance of sesame oil is rich or obvious. The special ingredients in sesame are treated by high temperature stir frying process to produce a special flavor substance, which makes sesame oil unique flavor and different from all kinds of edible vegetable oil.

    When you buy sesame oil, you must see the color of sesame oil, and the purity of dark red sesame oil is even higher.If you have any questions about sesame oil,please leave words in the inquiry.



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