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The Origin Of Sesame Salt

- Jul 28, 2017 -

The origin of sesame salt is closely related to the origins of the "Cold Food Festival" (the "Ching Ming Festival"). Cold food festival, also known as cooked food festival, no smoking section, cold section. The main festival of this festival is the ban on fire, not allowed to fire cooking, can only eat a good cooked food, cold, so named

Cold food festival from the Spring and Autumn Period in the Jin Dynasty, is to commemorate the Jinwen Gong courter push. One year, the civil strife occurred in Jin, some people plotted to kill the big son of heavy ears, would like to separate the son of Shen Sheng to inherit the throne, referral push the night escort again left Jin.

Leaving the country in exile on the outside of the day is very poor, one day, heavy ears of a pedestrian in the mountains lost the road, for several days can not find something to eat, refer to push their own legs cut a piece of meat, cooked to Heavy ear to eat, heavy ears very moved.

Heavy ears and followers in foreign exile for nineteen years, only to return to the throne, known as Jin Wen Gong. Jin Wengong ascended the throne after the exile to follow his people one by one to be rewarded, and mediated by the Jin Chenggong's success is entirely out of God, so very disdain those ministers invited to fight pet, and mother together to the cotton mountain seclusion, Jin Wen Gong sent people everywhere to find, he would avoid meeting. At this time, some people come up with a plan, that is set fire to cotton mountain. Because the mediated push is a famous filial piety, he will carry his mother ran out, did not expect the fire for three days and three nights, mediated by pushing a large willow tree, was burned alive.

Jin Wengong both sad and regret, holding the push of the body of the body crying. Was about to be buried, found that the body behind the tree hole, hidden in a skirt, the above written with a few lines of blood:

Flesh to do the heart of the heart, I hope the main public clear. The

Liu under the ghosts do not see, as strong as Jun Jun Jian Chen.

If the princess has my heart, remember me often introspection.

Chen Quan in a well-deserved, diligent and clear Qingming clear.

Jin Wengong after reading, this piece of clothing into the sleeves, as their motto, and the cotton to change the mountain (that is, Shanxi Xiuxian territory of the mountain). Descendants in order to commemorate the push, then in the first two days of Ching Ming Festival is strictly prohibited fireworks, all people are not allowed to fire, eat cold porridge dry cake, this is the so-called cold food.

Later, people in the annual cold food (that is, Ching Ming) section, are porridge porridge rice, boiled eggs, branded pancakes, the fried sesame seeds pressed into powder, add some spices made sesame salt, with cake wrapped in eggs, and then sprinkle some Sesame salt, tasty up and delicious. Weixian name "overturned pot" that is used as one of the edible methods, has been popular so far.

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