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The Medical Effect Of Fragrant Oil

- Jun 28, 2018 -

1. drink a half spoonful of sesame oil every night before bed and after getting up in the morning to cure bronchitis and constipation.

2. with periodontitis, halitosis, tonsillitis and gingival bleeding, a daily spoonful of sesame oil can relieve symptoms.

3. when the fish bone is stuck in the esophagus, drink a bit of sesame oil. The fish bone can glide through the esophagus mucosa and is easy to drain out of the body.

4. the common sesame oil has the function of preventing arteriosclerosis and anti aging.

5. if you cook fried food or make cold dishes, you can smell and smell. If you make Chinese medicine, you will have the effect of clearing away heat, detoxifying, cooling blood and relieving pain.


Medicinal herbs

A clear version of bottled sesame oil sesame has long been known as an advanced food for longevity. Sesame has two kinds: black and white. It is good for white sesame and medicinal black sesame. Sesame stems, leaves, pod shells and flowers can be used as medicine. Sesame contains vitamin E, vitamin b1. linoleic acid, protein, sesame sugar, pentosan, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and a variety of rich nutrients. Among them, vitamin E, which is the most common ingredient, is often known as vitamin to prevent aging. It has a good effect on improving blood circulation and promoting metabolism. There is also linoleic acid of unsaturated fatty acids, which has the function of regulating cholesterol, and is also known as "the source of nourishment for youth forever".

Besides sesame, there are many foods containing linolenic acid, but they are not as effective as sesame seeds. It is because the sesame contains linolenic acid and vitamin E at the same time, both exist simultaneously, not only prevent the weakness of linolenic acid oxidation easily, but also play a synergistic effect, and strengthen the therapeutic effect on arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Chinese medicine has a high understanding of the medicinal properties of sesame. It is known as a strong body strengthening agent, which has the effects of enriching blood, moistening intestines, promoting fluid production, lactation, and nourishing hair. It can be applied to the symptoms of weakness, white hair, anemia, yellow body fluid, lack of body fluid, dry stool, dizziness, tinnitus, etc.

It is reported that black sesame is effective for chronic neuritis and peripheral nerve palsy. Because sesame oil has the effect of reducing cholesterol, vascular sclerosis is beneficial to patients with hypertension.

Sesame leaves can be used to treat heatstroke and dizziness. When thirsty, we can take a lot of fresh sesame leaves, boil water, replace the tea drink, have the effect of clearing the heat and quench thirst; arthritis and pain, can use 100 grams of sesame leaves, wash and cut, and decoct the water.

Sesame root has the effect of antiphlogistic and antipruritic. In order to cure measles and pruritus, it is advisable to root the root of sesame root and decoct the soup to wash the affected area. Description: sesame, called sesame, oil hemp, giant victory, two kinds of black sesame, white sesame, white sesame, black sesame and sesame, sesame is a kind of aromatic tonic, and it is a good nourishing and nourishing agent.

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