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The Effect And Effect Of Chinese Black Sesame Seeds

- Jan 14, 2019 -

        Chinese Black Sesame Seeds is a very common food. Its nutrition is very rich. So what are the functions and effects? There are two kinds of sesame seeds: black sesame and white sesame. What is the difference between them? There are many ways to eat black sesame. Let's take a look at what is there?
       The effect and effect of Chinese Black Sesame Seeds
       1, prevention of gallstones.Black sesame is highly nutritious and contains a lot of lecithin. It has a good effect on preventing gallstones. It can regulate the secretion of bile in the body and can reduce the production of cholesterol. Therefore, it is safe to eat black sesame seeds. The role of gallstones.Black sesame has a good effect of hair growth
       2, UFA hair care.Everyone knows that black sesame has a good hair growth and black hair. Because black sesame is rich in vitamin E, it has a good protective effect on hair, promotes blood circulation of the scalp, nourishes hair, and makes hair become It is even blacker and brighter, which prevents the hair from drying out and becoming smooth and shiny.
       3, delay aging.Frequently eating some black sesame seeds has the effect of delaying aging, because black sesame contains a lot of anthocyanins and vitamin e and trace element selenium, which have a good anti-oxidation effect, can inhibit cell aging and promote cell viability, so Insist on eating black sesame has the effect of prolonging life.
      4, prevention of arteriosclerosis.Black sesame contains a lot of oil, especially the content of unsaturated fatty acids. These substances can accelerate the metabolism of fat and cholesterol in the human body, reduce the cholesterol content in human blood, prevent blood lipids from rising, harden the blood vessels, and thus It reduces the occurrence of arteriosclerosis. If you can eat black sesame regularly, you can reduce the occurrence of various diseases such as heart disease and stroke and blood clots.
       Black sesame paste
       1. It is especially good to make black sesame seeds into black sesame paste. When making, you need to prepare 500 grams of black sesame seeds and 500 grams of mulberry leaves, and then prepare a food processor.Put the prepared black sesame and mulberry leaves together and mix thoroughly
       2. Put the prepared black sesame and mulberry leaves together and mix thoroughly. Then put them in the food cooking machine, turn on the power, and grind the black sesame seeds and mulberry leaves together into a fine powder. After being taken out, it can be sealed. In the glass bottle. When you want to eat, take a proper amount and use it directly with boiling water.
       Homemade Sesame Salt
       1. The black sesame seeds are made into sesame salt and eaten. The taste is also very good. When making, you need to prepare a kilogram of black sesame seeds, and wash it to dry the surface.
       2, put the wok on the fire, heat the pot to dry, then adjust the small firepower in the black sesame seeds into the pot, quickly and repeatedly stir fry, after the fried black sesame seeds are taken out and cooled.
       3, put the black sesame in the cooling in a clean storage bag, tie the mouth, and then use the rolling pin to smash back and forth, crush it, take a small amount of refined salt after the removal, mix thoroughly after the homemade sesame salt, usually eat noodles Or when eating a steamed bun, it can be served with a proper amount of sesame salt.
       Black sesame porridge
       Cooking porridge with black sesame seeds is also a common nutrient method. When you use black sesame seeds to cook porridge, you can wash 50 pieces of black sesame seeds, prepare a proper amount of rice and red dates and black rice, and wash them all. After putting it into the pot, add the right amount of walnut kernels and water, and cook it together to make porridge. After cooking, it is especially good to take out, and this black sesame porridge can also replenish qi and blood to relieve physical weakness.

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