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The Benefits Of Desquamation Sesame

- Jul 14, 2018 -

      White sesame wihout peeled in the production of ordinary oils and fats, but it is best to desquamate when eating directly. The reason is that the content of fiber and oxalate (2%~3% oxalate chelate) in the sesame seed coat or cuticle is high, so that the oil and meal can not be used as the human protein resource and can only be used as the feed or fertilizer of the cattle. Therefore, sesame as a food or sesame cake as a human protein resource, usually requires peeling. After peeling, sesame is not only smooth and smooth, but also more easily absorbed by human body.

    The raw materials for processing and peeling sesame are best to choose sesame from Ethiopia plateau. Ethiopia is located in the African plateau, with long sunshine time, soil and temperature suitable for the growth of sesame. It is beneficial to the accumulation of nutrients, the grain is full, the oil is rich, and the planting mode is relatively primitive. Based on the non use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, natural and organic, it is the best peeling sesame raw material in the world.

    Production process flow process of peeling sesame production: raw material inspection - wind selection raw material destone - three screening - destone - soaking - peeling - peeling - dehydrating - dehydration at --200 C, high temperature sterilization / drying - screening / magnetic separation - two color selection - metal detector test -- Packaging - packing -- storage and transportation.


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