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The Benefits Of Cold Pressed Oil

- Aug 03, 2018 -

    Sesame oil contains ordinary sesame oil and small grinding sesame oil. They are made from sesame oil as raw materials. The oil extracted from sesame, whether it is sesame oil or small mill oil, contains fatty acid 35.0-49.4%, 37.7-48.4% of linoleic acid and 0.4-1.2% of arachidic acid. The absorption rate of sesame oil is 98%. Sesame oil has no harmful ingredients to human body, but contains rich vitamin E and rich linoleic acid. Small grinding oil is referred to as small grinding oil, also known as small grinding sesame oil. It is made from sesame seeds and processed by water. It has a strong unique flavor and is a good seasoning oil. It has been more than 400 years since we processed small grinding sesame oil by water substitution. Sesame oil is mainly used for seasoning and is also the main excipient of some traditional food cakes. According to the national standard, it is divided into one level grinding oil and two grade grinding sesame oil. In addition to domestic sales, products are sold to Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asian countries every year.


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