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Stone grinding sesame oil life Tips

- May 11, 2018 -

1, hair moistening hair: a tablespoon of black sesame oil (or black sesame one or two) every day, can make your hair soft, moisturizing, not dry, and make the white hair black, black hair brighter.

2, refreshing eyesight and increasing appetite, "Compendium of Materia Medica" cloud: "often eat sesame oil, can eliminate rheumatism, increase appetite, refresh the eye and prevent aging." People who often eat sesame oil are full of spirit, good mood, ear and eye, gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity, appetite increase, and facial luster moistening, no aging.

3, the treatment of dry eyes: eye burning, dry eye or electric arc injury, eyes can be replaced with sesame oil instead of eye drops, drip into the eye, 2-3 days can be cured.

4, treatment of rhinitis: spring, autumn, winter is a common season of chronic rhinitis, sleep is not good or tired after easier to trigger. Symptoms include nasal cavity, congestion, congestion and pain, accompanied by headache and eye discomfort.  Dripping sesame oil into each side of the nasal cavity 3 drops, 3 times a day, has the effect of clearing away heat and moistening dryness and swelling. Once effective, two to three symptoms can disappear.

5, the treatment of oral diseases: mouth ulcer, periodontitis, halitosis, map tongue, dental caries, tonsillitis, gingival bleeding and other oral diseases, after brushing mouthwash, mouth containing a tablespoon of small bald oil 4 to 5 minutes slowly swallow, persisted for several days, the above oral disease symptoms can disappear.

6, moistening throat and protecting voice: throat itching, dry throat or hoarseness, chronic pharyngitis patients, two times a day drink small ball of balsam oil, each drink a spoonful of a tablespoon, can moisten the throat to protect the voice, strengthen the vocal cord elasticity, make the glottis flexible and powerful, can restore normal for several days.

7, throat apart from Thorn: when eating fish accidentally stuck in the throat, you can drink a small ball of fragrant oil slowly swallowing, lubricating the part of fish thorn, and then bite a steamed bread, do not chew too thin, swallowing hard, so that the lubrication of fish spines swallowing with the steamed bread slip out. A serious person can find a doctor to remove it.


8, moistening lung to stop cough: cough patients caused by lung or upper respiratory tract bacterial virus infection, every night before sleep and morning after getting up, drink a tablespoon of small bald oil, cough obviously lighten, and moisten the lungs, can be cured for several days.

9, the treatment of emphysema, bronchitis, asthma: every morning, the patients into the bowl of eggs, add a tablespoon of small bald oil, honey a tablespoon, pour into the open water and cover for a few minutes, let the patient eat hot food on empty stomach, both rice, and treatment, long-term persistence, patients do not heal themselves.

10, Runchang catharsis: habitual constipation, every morning and evening, drink a tablespoon of sesame oil on a fasting stomach, can lubricate the intestines, and relieve the pain of constipation.

11, trap pinworm: children often because of food hygiene and birth of pinworm, the way to kill the pinworm is: after children sleep with a little bit of cotton balls dipped in small bald oil, smear around the children's anus, to induce the pinworm to climb out of the anus spawn, then kill the pinworm and eggs together.

12. Treatment of burns and scalds:

Method 1: when people are accidentally burned or scalded, the most emergency and effective treatment is to take the oil on the injured area, to protect the bacteria from the wound, and to moisturize the wound surface and do not dry and keep the scar.

Method two: scalding the old cabbage leaves: dry the cabbage leaves into small ones and mix them with sesame oil. Smear on the affected area. It has the effect of eliminating swelling and detoxifying. Scalds and burns.

Method three: the rabbit skin is roasted into charcoal, finely processed and blended with sesame oil. Smear on the affected area. It has the effect of relieving heat poison, producing muscle, and converging. It is used to treat fire burns and scalds.

Method four: make rabbit hair into ash, apply sesame oil to ointment, smear it in the affected area, and change the medicine 1 times on 1 to 2 days. It has the effect of reducing the saprophytic muscle and alleviating inflammation and alleviating pain. It is suitable for I and II degree burns. It also treats frostbite.

13, sesame oil treatment of children thrush: dozens of drops of sesame oil, washed in a tablespoon of brine. 4 or 5 drops per day, more than ten times a day. It has heat and moistening, and it is used to treat infantile goose stomatitis.

14, sesame oil to treat folliculitis: heat the sesame oil, pour it out and dry it after smoking, use the onion stalk to dip the sesame oil to smear the affected area. 20 to 30 minutes each time, even 3 days, it has the effect of detoxifying and cooling muscles, eliminating inflammation and swelling.

15, mung bean powder oil to treat eczema water: stir mung bean powder to yellow, hang dry, mix with sesame oil. Apply the affected area. It has the effect of clearing heat and eliminating dampness. Use the treatment of eczema to flow yellow water.

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