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Six Ways Of Eating Organic Black Sesame Paste

- Aug 17, 2018 -

(1) mixing honey to dry to eat is simple, but bitter and astringent. But you can add some warm water, but there is no smell. Of course, you can add sugar or something.

(2) Mix the toast (steamed bread) to eat a piece of toast, use a spoon or knife on the toast evenly spread a layer of sauce, then evenly sprinkle a layer of brown sugar or sugar on top, and then put a piece of toast cover. Of course, honey is also available. Full of fresh and strange customs. The delicious smell is unstoppable. What about the steamed bread? Slice or slice from the middle.

(3) let's take the pumpkin dumpling in the soup. 1. prepare the ingredients: glutinous rice flour, black sesame paste, pumpkin, sugar, lard. 2. Put the melted lard and sugar in the soy sauce and refrigerate the mixed filling for 20 minutes until the sesame filling hardens, then roll it into a ball. 3. Steamed pumpkin, pressed with a spoon into pumpkin paste, a small number of times with a suitable amount of glutinous rice flour, no water, hand kneaded into a smooth dough, take the noodles rubbed round package filling.


(4) Mix cold dishes such as spinach, cucumber shreds, lettuce... 1. Wash and cut vegetables into large sections, pot into a moderate amount of water and half a spoon of salt, boil and add vegetables. Fish out into ice water, drain and drain. 2. dilute the sauce with cold water, add raw soy sauce and so on, pour it into vegetables and stir.

(5) black sesame paste hot dry noodles 1. alkali hot water boiling for ten seconds, picked up. Salt, soy sauce, sugar, black pepper, sesame sauce seasoning, black sesame sauce with a small amount of warm water on the surface. 2. served with dried radish, pickled cabbage or sauerkraut. 3. mix well. The sesame paste must be mixed and eaten. Every face is wrapped with sesame sauce. It is very, very fragrant. A small number of people with bad gastrointestinal tract are not easy to suffer.

(6) Black sesame sauce barbecue we like very much, especially at home to do their own barbecue, this barbecue is a hobby can be matched according to their own "manual work". 1. pork and plum meat are suitable for making barbecued meat. 2. pour in a few spoons of sauce. 3. add sugar, salt, soy sauce, high spirits, star anise, cinnamon, fragrant leaf, ginger and onion. 4. beat the meat evenly.  Pickle for a day. Place the cured meat on the grill and sprinkle with black pepper. Roast! 

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