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Sesame Producers Teach You How To Make Sesame Salt.

- Sep 28, 2018 -

    1.  Wash - Find a new filter gauze, put the gauze in the vegetable basket,  then put the sesame in the gauze, and then wash it underwater until the  sesame is clean. Finally, dry sesame seeds.

    2.  Stir-fry the sesame seeds in a pot. First, heat up the pot, then turn  on a small fire. In the process, always stir-fry the sesame seeds with a  spade until the color turns yellow.

    3.  While it is hot-Sesame should be placed on the board while it is hot.  Roll it into fine powder with a rolling stick. Make a note while doing  it: Sesame is not suitable for rolling if it is already cold.

    4. finish - add proper amount of salt according to your taste. Salt should be heated to facilitate melting and melting.


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