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Sesame Oil Treatment Of Constipation Is Not Sick Disease

- Sep 05, 2017 -

    People have some hidden habits are often difficult to say, that the body is not smooth, strong sense of fullness, eating drugs and have side effects, fear of harming the body. China has an old saying called the drug three drug, and its medication as diet.If you are being troubled by constipation, then you must spend three minutes reading this article.


     After the constipation to the clinic, the doctor gave you a number of laxative, eat after the abdomen of the abyss feel very suffer.At this point, do not have to pay the money to buy expensive drugs, buy a bottle of sesame oil, pour three teaspoons, drink it, the next day easily discharge foreign body.Why can sesame oil relieve the symptoms of constipation?Sesame oil is a very good seasoning for the elderly. With age, the elderly digestive dysfunction, should not eat fried and other food is not easy to digest, should eat soup soup water more dilute food, cooking some sesame oil as seasoning, rich sesame flavor, digestion Has weakened the elderly, not only can increase appetite, more conducive to the absorption of nutrients, sesame oil itself, the digestion and absorption rate is also high, up to 98%.

Small recipe: onion mixed with sesame oil

Practice: buy a number of onions, washed and cut into filaments, a pound of filaments half a catty of half sesame oil, and then marinate for half an hour, three meals a day when the pickles eat, eat thirty one, eat can stop The emergence of constipation.

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