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Sesame oil manufacturers talk about the main production process of sesame oil.

- Oct 10, 2018 -

      The small grinding sesame oil is mainly produced bythe "water generation method" .

       The traditional sesame oil is made by stone grinding, and the sesame oil is brownish red and has a beautiful appearance.

      The  stone grinding process is low temperature and low pressure, and the  process temperature is only 60-65 ° C, so it will not destroy the  aromatic substances and functional nutrients in the sesame oil.
Water substitute method
       It  is easy to separate the oil embryos with high-quality drinking water.  There is no chemical solvent to be added during the oil extraction  process, so there is no chemical solvent residue. At  the same time, the water production process makes the heavy metals  harmful to the human body precipitate from the sesame oil because of the  specific gravity. Therefore, the sesame oil obtained by this method is  completely healthy.

Traditional Sesame Oil Manufacture

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