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Sesame Oil Manufacturer Tells You The Sesame Oil And What Food Can't Be Eaten Together

- Dec 27, 2017 -

     Fragrant oil is the best health food in winter, and it is widely used among the major recipes. In general, sesame oil can cook with all kinds of stone collocation, but today the sesame oil manufacturer Shermark tells everyone that what kind of food sesame oil can not cook with.Chicken is best not to eat together with sesame oil.

   The raw material of the fragrant oil is sesame, and the general natural sesame oil is made from pure sesame. The use of sesame and chicken is easy to prevent the absorption of vitamins and is not conducive to health.A large number of sesame, chicken breast and chicken wings are eaten together, and serious people can also cause shock.So in the process of cooking in the future we need to pay attention to it.


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