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Sesame Oil Lo Mei Food To Bring You Great Enjoyment

- Oct 12, 2017 -

    Sesame tasty food in China Qilu received a wide welcome, because of its unique taste and spread for thousands of years.What is the attractive flavor of sesame oil?Do not say anything else, give you a picture.Fragrant color, full of soup, slightly dark brown, no matter what kind of ingredients are able to easily control, taste with a fragrant sesame oil aroma and pork meat taste.


   We can quickly enter the sesame oil into the ingredients inside, because the molecules are smaller, so it is easy to increase the nutrition of ingredients, we use stone grinding sesame oil to the greatest degree of preservation of the original sesame nutrition, so that vitamins can be retained in the maximum dishes.Speaking of loquat raw materials, it is really very rich. In the process of cooking, add soy sauce, vanilla, ginger, dried chili, sugar, salt, cooking wine, garlic, onion, grass fruit, cinnamon, star anise, geraniol, put these materials into the water, 20 minutes later, changed to a small fire slow stew for 20 minutes, after adding chicken, boiled eggs and other roses can be their own want, the last two minutes before the pan into the 3 tablespoons of stone sesame oil.

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