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Sesame Oil Can Enhance The Flavor Of The Soup

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Before eating lunch,drinking a small cup of soup is better for our health , more and more south Chinese people use this eating way to keep healthy.As we all know,Chinese people pay great attention to health,this eating way to keep healthy is more important than the medical treatement.Sesame oil has many trace elements which will enhance immunity very useful.


Today ,we will tell you that how to keep healthy by soup and this will make you love the new eating way.

First, the food can choose onions, parsley, peanuts, leeks, cabbage, shrimp, eat less spicy things. Summer diet is light, soup is also very particular about. Summer soup should not be too greasy, avoid hot, should be to gas to wet, lungs in addition to dry, nourishing the main.You need the following ingredients:

Fans50gsesame oil1/3 spoon

others:Green onions as you like, salt for 1/2 spoon.

1.Ingredients ready, fans soaked, to a little soft body

2.pick clean the cabbage,cut, shrimp washed, out of shrimp intestines, transferred to 2 grams of salt, marinate for 10 minutes.

3.Stir fry cabbage in the pot, pour the right amount of water or broth to boil, add the fans cook until tasty, then add the shrimp cooked to cooked, salt and sesame oil, chicken seasoning after the pan.


We recommend adding sesame oil to the soup after the pan is a better choice, so that sesame oil can be preserved without boiling and can enhance the flavor of shrimp.This sesame oil soup is also good for fat people,will help people keep slim body.

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