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Sesame Manufacturers Talk About Why Sesame Seeds Should Be Made Into Sesame Salt To Eat?

- Oct 22, 2018 -

The reason why white sesame salt should be added is that it can adjust the taste and promote digestion and absorption. Another aspect prevents deterioration. The main practices of white sesame salt are as follows:
       Cleaning - Find a new filter gauze, put the gauze in the porridge basket, then put the sesame in the gauze, then rinse it under the water until the sesame is clean. Finally, dry the sesame seeds.
       Stir-fry - put the right amount of oil in the wok, then pour the sesame into the pot, first open the fire, after the pot is hot, open a small fire, the process must be stir-fried with a shovel until the color of the sesame Yellow is fine.
       Let cool - the fried sesame is laid flat in a clean and dry place.
       Crush - mash the cold sesame seeds, then put the right amount of salt according to your taste, continue to stir evenly, sesame salt will be done.
      Organic Sesame Salt practice: first fry the sesame seeds, cool them, add a proper amount of salt and mix well, then use a rolling pin to mash and serve. When eating taro, often use this food as a dish, pry the taro, sprinkle with the appropriate amount of sesame salt, and close the taro to eat.

Organic Sesame Salt In 500g

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