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Sesame Manufacturers Recommend Today: The Practice Of Delicious Black Sesame Buns

- Oct 08, 2018 -


High-gluten flour



3/4 teaspoons



Instant yeast




olive oil

1 teaspoon

Black sesame

Moderate amount

Salt-free cream

a few small pieces

Comment:alt-free cream (used when you want to enter the oven)


    1.Mix  all the ingredients except the salt-free cream and knead it into a  smooth dough. Dough the dough for one hour. Divide the dough into eight  equal parts and round the back cover and dry it for another 15 minutes.

    2.The dough is rounded again and placed in the oven for secondary fermentation for 50 minutes.

    3.The  oven is preheated at 200 degrees. Dough the surface of the dough before  putting it into the oven, put a small piece of cream, and spray water  on the surface of the dough (I put a little chunk of the point, please  adjust this part by yourself)

    4.Put a cup of hot water in the lower layer of the oven, bake at 200 degrees for about 18 minutes and let it cool.


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