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Planting Methods Of Black Sesame Seeds

- Aug 23, 2018 -

    When black sesame grows, it likes warm environment.Organic black sesame is an annual herb. The growth environment of black sesame determines the quality of sesame varieties.Now let's introduce the growing environment of organic black sesame seeds.

    For soils, sesame seeds are small and the roots are shallow, so they are most suitable for growing in slightly acidic to neutral loose soils.Loose soil can coordinate the supply of water, fertilizer and air, and is conducive to the extension of the root system.

   Regarding the temperature, the cumulative temperature of the whole growth period of sesame is 2500-3000 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature of day and night is 20-24 degrees Celsius.

   Sesame needs plenty of sunshine in its growth. Adequate sunshine can strengthen photosynthesis, help to accumulate nutrients, meet the needs of flowering and fruiting, and full fruit is conducive to the formation of oil.


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