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Nutritional Value Of Sesame Oil In Stone Grinding

- Jun 26, 2018 -

      The sesame oil has a natural antioxidant, sesamol, and sesamol has a strong aromatic odor. In the process of making stone, sesamol is not easily destroyed and lost at low temperature, and the natural antioxidant of fragrant oil is used. Therefore, the shelf life and preservation period of stone oil are longer. In the process of preparing low temperature, the nutritional components of stone mill oil are not easy to be damaged and run away, so the nutritional value is high.

   Some nutritionists believe that sesame oil is one of the best condiment ingredients for middle-aged and elderly people.

    First of all, the strong fragrance of sesame oil can not only increase appetite, but also facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Sesame oil itself digestion and absorption rate is also higher, up to 98%. Sesame oil has a lot of fat and good bowel movement, which has certain preventive effect and curative effect on constipation.

    Second, the fragrant sesame oil has a good effect on softening the blood vessels and maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels. The rich vitamin E is beneficial to maintaining the integrity and function of the cell membrane and reducing the accumulation of lipid in the body.

    Third, the lecithin in sesame oil not only moisturizes the skin, but also dispel spots, especially in the elimination of senile plaques.

    Finally, the middle-aged and old people can use long sesame oil to prevent hair loss and premature white hair, especially black sesame oil. For middle-aged people with gingival atrophy, especially those who smoke and drink habit, long term use of sesame oil can protect the gums and oral cavity.



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