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Methods To Increase The Oil Yield Of Flavor Sesame Oil

- Aug 20, 2018 -

    Organic sesame oil is rich in its unique flavor and is a good seasoning oil. Sesame oil has many little-known special effects. The sesame oil purchased outside is mostly sesame oil extracted by leaching or other methods. Some are blended with flavor, due to the different processing methods, the fragrance of ordinary sesame oil is light, it is better to press fragrant oil rich and pure.

   Just bought the oil press, their own sesame oil is not fragrant, light yellow color, no flavor of sesame oil, oil yield is not ideal. I found out the reason, after many experiments, the original sesame oil frying is very important, sesame frying is too small to do, fried sesame is really a technical work. Fried sesame determines how much oil rate, I each time fried sesame, is to make a record, the maximum oil rate is 44.8%, the beginning will not be at least 30%, the normal 40% oil rate can be, sesame to fried to jujube red, brown, so squeezed oil is very fragrant, good transparent color, their own sesame oil flavor and buy It is incomparable. It's very fragrant. Sesame oil is usually brownish red. No cloudy substance. Sesame flavor is strong, no peculiar smell.

  Of course, we provide the raw material sesame seeds to the customer to have a experience of squeezing oil, if you want to try high quality sesame oil, you can directly buy our finished products.


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