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How To Make Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls

- Aug 11, 2018 -

    The glutinous rice flour at home has been bought for a long time, and then put it down for fear it will be bad, think about just some red beans, it is better to make bean paste stuffing, and then packed into glutinous rice flour, made into sesame glutinous rice balls, this Dongdong childhood is much better to eat, usually sold in the stall of fried dough sticks, because it must be low-temperature fried, the place. Every time when they go to school, the cat will buy two hot sesame glutinous rice balls and eat them while they go to school. I still remember the sweet and glutinous taste. Since I moved to this neighborhood, I have hardly seen any fresh sesame glutinous rice. If you want to eat, do it yourself.

Main material

Glutinous rice flour:200 grams

Homemade bean paste stuffing:Appropriate amount

accessories:White sesame seed Appropriate amount

Sweet taste——Flavor


Twenty minutes——time consuming


  1. Prepare the ingredients you need.1/3 of the glutinous rice flour is boiled and evenly distributed.

  2. Then add the rest of the glutinous rice flour, add the right amount of water and make the soft and hard powder.

  3. Divided into equal size pieces.Knead into a pie and put it in a filling. Note that the filling should not be too much. Otherwise, it will burst easily.

  4. Close your mouth, rub it round and dip it in white sesame seeds.All ready.8 put the oil in a small pot, put the sesame seed into the pot, and start the small fire.

  5. Let the oil temperature slowly rise, the beginning of the bubble is still a lot, it doesn't matter, continue to slow fire.Slowly, the dough will float and appear golden yellow, at this time the dough is also mature, can be out of the pot, drain oil to start eating.


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