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How To Eat Black Sesame Sauce?

- Jan 22, 2018 -

    Black sesame seeds has hign healthy and Medicinal value,it is very good for the Old and the Children.It can be made into black sesame paste and roasted black sesame powder and roasted black sesame seeds.Here we will talk about how to eat black sesame paste.

   In general we will use noodles made of black sesame paste, make a paste. For example, sesame mixed with brown sugar, honey, are all pasta can be a noodle or breakfast staple food sauce. There is also to do cookies, cakes, bread and other Western desserts, rich in fat will make dim sum of aroma and nutrition are improved.But here I want to highlight is my favorite - banana with sesame paste,hahaha~


Compared with sesame, sesame oil and fat are out, so the aroma is more rich, so the banana with sesame paste since then eat now, an instant to eat almost four years. Usually I will not like the picture on the crepe, are left banana, right hand small spoon, eat a banana, right hand dig a spoonful of sauce, tip of the tongue in the small spoon a little bit (so will be tired so every time the amount of spoon control , As to how much to 抿, if you eat yourself, when the tongue will naturally tell you how much the most appropriate), eat this again and then repeated until the whole banana finished, sesame jar can be built up.

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