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How Delicious Is Sesame Oil Noodle

- Aug 30, 2017 -

    Nowadays our diet is more tasty and healthy, fried foods and the dangers of smoked food are gradually revealed over time.In order to pursue a more healthy diet, Chinese food slowly boarded the international stage, the Chinese condiments are gradually accepted by the majority of the crowd.If you buy a bottle of sesame oil,what are you going to deal with it ?

Clang clang~


    Sesame oil, can not cover the pure sesame aroma, rich mellow drops tasty.In Wuhan, China has a delicious dishes, cheap but people scrambling to buy——Wuhan hot and try noodles,Reganmian in Chinese we call it  that.First of all you have to prepare is a manual ramen, cheer bats taste good.

    Essential preparations are prepared with sesame oil and sesame paste!This will give you the best taste reason.

    5 tablespoons of sesame oil into the surface of the stirring, into the steamer steam for 10 minutes. Steamed dough with chopsticks shake to dry Liang (also into the pot to cook 1-2 minutes to seven or eight mature, I think the steaming more prosperous, and steamed a good face "scroll" better look).Chopped mustard, sour corner, onion.If you like spicy food, you can squeeze the mustard and acid beans into the chili oil or chili sauce.Finally, the sesame sauce, with sesame oil, soy sauce, salt and mix well. Let's cool the surface from the new pot, cook for about 1 minute, cooked it, do not cook too soft. Remove and pour into the bowl, pour the mixed sauce, sprinkle with mustard, sour corner and onion, stir well.


What Chinese kind of food do you like ?Today's sesame oil hot and dry noodles tastes good? If you have any ideas ,contact us or you can send your food photos to us, we share a better food journey.

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