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Homemade Practices Of Black Sesame Rolls

- May 24, 2018 -

    The black sesame roll is a big dish, and it is one of the full Chinese dishes! Because it looks like 135 film, it has the nickname of "Fei Lin" in the port style tea house. I am a modified version. It is made more smoothly with cooked sesame powder (simple and quick operation), cassava powder and horseshoe powder.

Ripe black sesame powder 100g

Horseshoe powder 150g

Cassava Powder 100g

Fine granulated sugar 150g

Pure water 500g

Sesame oil 5g

1. use all ingredients for a few minutes to ensure that all the materials are fine and smooth without particles. (if there is no sesame powder: black sesame stir fry, add water and sugar to make no residue sesame water (preferably with a wall breaking machine, no use of ordinary cooking machine to sift well, and mix the sesame water into the cassava powder and the horseshoe powder).

2. prepare 9 inch non stick square roast basin two (if there is no sticky baking pan, you want to brush oil and anti sticky), boiling water in the pot, water open, pour the raw pulp into the baking pan, steamed out. To look at the thickness, I'll steamed about 3-4 minutes. The two baking plates are alternately operated. As long as the lid is opened, the surface of the sesame rolls is black and oily, that is, it is ripe. If you do not feel relieved, press gently with your fingers.

3. sesame coils cool and cool, take them up with gloves, cut the pieces on the dish, can enjoy, the sesame fragrance add the cassava powder and the horseshoe powder smooth, tasty to stop the mouth, the summer can be refrigerated in the refrigerator and eat Bing Bing cool and more different flavor.



I made with super fine Shermark black sesame powder, relatively simple, if made with black sesame, it is necessary to stir fry fragrance, pay attention to the heat, black sesame seeds should be hit by the wall breaking machine, and it must be sifted by ordinary cooking machine. Otherwise, the sesame rolls are not fine enough. It is best to have non stick mold. If not, remember to brush the thin oil once every time. It is better to use two moulds alternately, so that the speed of production can be quicken. If you steamed out, you'd better prepare a basin of cold water and put the mould into the cold water basin, so that the sesame rolls will be cold quickly. There are about 4-5 plates in the 9 inch square gold plate (because we need to see the thickness).


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