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Health Experts: What Are The Symptoms Of Qi And Blood Deficiency? How Should We Recuperate?

- Sep 30, 2018 -

    Symptoms of deficiency of Qi and blood: bad complexion, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, asthenia of body, anemia

What are the foods that Nourish Qi and blood?1, Japonica Rice
    Japonica rice tastes sweet and mild, is a good thing to provide energy to the body, daily consumption can achieve nourishing yin and nourishing blood effect. If used for gruel, it is also a recipe for health preservation. The top layer of porridge oil boiled by japonica rice is beneficial to nourishing the body's Yin fluid and kidney essence. It is most suitable for people with weakness of the spleen and stomach, malnutrition and early recovery from serious illness. It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, invigorating the vital energy, etc. But diabetes mellitus should not be eaten more.
2. Yam
    The ancients often said that Chinese yam has the function of invigorating deficiency and benefiting loss, and modern pharmacological research explained that Chinese yam has the effect of inducing interferon and has certain anti-aging material basis. Thus, the effect of yam on resistance to aging is so obvious.
点击查看源网页3. Sesame

    Sesame is divided into black and white, many people should not know, if you want to supplement, then choose black sesame, if edible, choose white sesame. Because the sesame kernel has a slightly harder film on the outside, only by crushing it can the nutrients be absorbed. Therefore, it is best to use food processor to crush and eat again. The black sesame liver and kidney meridian has the function of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing blood and producing fluids.
4. Longan meat
    Longan meat is very tender, juicy sweet, delicious, it can not be compared to other fruits. Dried longan can become dried longan in Chinese medicine. "Drug Huayi" records: Guiyuan can greatly invigorate Yin blood, into the spleen soup with lotus flesh, Qinshi to tonify the spleen Yin, so that spleen prosperity blood meridians. Longan meat also contains vitamin A, B and glucose, sucrose and so on. While enriching blood, it can also cure forgetfulness, palpitation, neurasthenia and insomnia. In addition, longan soup, longan wine, longan gum and so on are made of longan and are also good food for enriching blood.
5, angelica jujube pork ribs

    It can be used to treat skin turning dry and rough, itchy skin and so on. 12 pork ribs, medlar, red dates, 4 angelica. Put the boiled water into a casserole and add the Chinese wolfberry, red date, angelica, scallion, ginger slices. Bring them to a boil over a high fire. Stew them over a low heat until the chops are rotten. Season them with salt and chicken essence. The above ingredients are cooked together, and you can receive nourishing Yin, moistening dryness, improving skin and skin care.
6, tremella red dates soup
    The white fungus is also called the bird's nest of the poor, but the bird's nest is expensive. Tremella fuciformis similar to bird's nest in color, taste and efficacy, and is inexpensive. Therefore, the bird's nest, known as the poor, is easy to catch fire. Tremella is cool and moisturizing. Dryness and anger are like acute chronic diseases.
7, black glutinous rice blood enriching porridge
    Black glutinous rice, longan and jujube are known to nourish the blood, coupled with high nutritional value of yam, the effect of Tonifying Qi and nourishing blood is more significant, remember to drink every month, black glutinous rice, red jujube, longan, yam, brown sugar, a small reminder, although longan can invigorate blood gas, promote blood circulation, but because it is not easy to eliminate Turn to 7.8 times as much as you can. (cold stomach friends can get 2 red ginseng).

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