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Fried Yellow Croaker With Pure Organic Sesame Oil

- Aug 14, 2018 -


A yellow croaker

A moderate amount of salt

Suitable amount of cooking wine

Ginger slices

Lemon half

Pure organic sesame oil a little

1.The practice of fried yellow croaker.

2.The yellow croaker cuts away from the back with scissors and removes the internal organs.

3.Make a few cuts in the fish body. Spread the cooking wine and salt evenly on the meat. Fill the cuts with ginger slices and marinate for 10 minutes.

4.Pour a little sesame oil into the non-stick pan. Heat the oil over low heat. Place the fish flat in the pan. Fry over medium and small heat until both sides are golden.

5.Pan fried fish plate, lemon horn next to fish, squeeze lemon juice before eating. Lemon juice can enhance the taste of fish.


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