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For More Than 200 Years Of Sesame Balls

- Jul 28, 2018 -

    Sesame balls are Jiangjin's famous traditional snacks, founded in Qing Jiaqing twenty years ago (1815). With Yin rice (dried by glutinous rice) and dried with dried glutinous rice, the sweet and sour pork wrapped in fat and meat is steamed and eaten. It is characterized by its beautiful color, sweet taste, oily taste and honey flavour of various fruits.

This dish was well received at the Sichuan Food Fair in 1959.

In October 1974, I chose Sichuan recipes and Chongqing recipes.

Selected the Chinese menu in Sichuan in 1981

This dish has been passed on for more than 200 years.

A large bowl of soil, full of white and glittering and translucent glutinous rice balls, each ball in the middle, with a red red mark, like a red plum of a blossoming frosting cream. The steaming hot air mixed with meat, the fragrance of rice, and the smell of sesame seeds assail the nostrils.


     Originally, as early as the Qing Jiaqing 20 years (1815) before and after, "sesame seeds" predecessor "glutinous rice balls" approach has been widely circulated in the folk. The people are pleased to eat glutinous rice, "glutinous rice round" with fat pork and black sesame as the main material, red sugar, walnut kernel, melon slices and so on as auxiliary materials, after making the filling, making skin and other processes to form the table, then become one of the main dishes of local banquets. Celebrations, festivals, weddings, weddings and funerals are indispensable to the table. Not only are the people fond of it, but even the dignitaries and celebrities are full of praise.


   First use the sesame seeds, orange cake, brown sugar, sugar, lard and so on, mix well, rub into sugar filling, make the ball with finger size as filling. Then use the fat and pork to cut into velvet, add the bowl, add the egg, mix well, add the popcorn, knead evenly, and wait for about 20 minutes.

  Use the 70% hot water to drain the Yin rice for about 5 minutes. Drain and rinse the water to evacuate it. Wrap the stuffing skin on the sugar filling, and stick a layer of cloudy rice on the surface. In the bowl, steam the cage for 5 to 10 minutes. After ripe, put a red cherry on each ball and sprinkle with sugar.


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